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700W LED Profile moving Head

  • UP-BSWF700


main parameter:
1. Input voltage / frequency: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz;
2. Power power: 1000W;
3. Rated power: 900W;
4. Light source: 700W white LED light source;
5. Color temperature: 6,500 K;
6. Average life span:> 20,000 hours;
7. Prism: 1 round 3 prism and 1 straight row 4 prism, two prisms alone control way, can superposition a rich beam and pattern effect;
8. Ambulization: 1 independent atomizer, linear atomization, perfect soft light effect;
9. Aperture: 1 precision mechanical aperture, linear adjustment, built-in a variety of macro functions;
10. Strobe: 1-25 changes / second, strobe effect of various modes and speeds;
11. Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming, soft without flashing;
12. Finger fingers: customized fingers can improve the color development index to more than 97;
13. The cutting system of 4 cutting pieces form a stable and fast cutting module, which can be combined into a variety of shapes. Each cutting sheet can close the light independently, and the cutting module can be rotated by 90°;
14. Color plate: 1 color plate, including 6 color pieces and white circle, with a paneuchromatic and half-color effect, two-way rotation of the rainbow effect;
15. CMY / CTO system: professional CMY mixed color system can mix an infinite variety of colors; CTO can continuously adjust the color temperature between 3200K-6500K;
16. Fixed pattern plate: 1 fixed pattern plate, including 8 metal patterns and white circles, with pattern jitter and two-way flow effect;
17. Rotary pattern plate: 1 rotating pattern plate, including 6 easy to change the glass rotation pattern plate and white circle, with pattern shaking, positioning, and two-way variable speed rotation effect;
Dynamic effect disk: 1 fire disk, lifelike dynamic fire disk effect;
19. Optical system: scaling 7-40° linear scaling;
20. Focal adjustment: electronic linear focal adjustment;
21. Sigput input and output: international standard DMX512 signal; three core and five core signal lines;
22. Channel mode: 36 / 52 channel mode;
23. Control mode: DMX, WDMX, ArtNet, sACN, manual;
24. Power supply input: POWERCON socket;
25. Working environment temperature: -20℃ -40℃;
26. Net weight: 30.50kg;
27. Product size: 428 * 305 * 748mm;
28. Packaging size: 860 * 528 * 395mm;

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