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Behind the scenes of the Hans Zimmer Movie Music Tour: an immersive trip to the film world

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12 Oscar nominations

14 Golden Globe Award nominations

Eighteen Grammy nominations

Thirty years of Hollywood years

More than 200 film score works

Over the past 40 years, Hans Zimmer (Hans Zimmer) has worked on more than 200 different music projects that have grossed more than $28 billion worldwide and won him an Oscar, three Golden Globe Awards, three Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and Tony Awards.

Hans Zimmer's work over the past few years has been widely acclaimed in the industry, Including, " The Widow, The composer has worked with director Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen) on the critically acclaimed Twelve Years of Being a Slave; Blade Runner 2049, written with Benjamin Wallfisch), was nominated for a Grammy Award, BAFTA Awards and Critics' Choice Awards; Dunkirk (with Christopher Nolan) earned him nominations for an Academy Award, Grammy Award, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award and Critics' Choice Awards.


Hans Zimmer's other famous works include The Gladiator, The Fine Red Line, The Rain Man, The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Selma and Louise, The Black Hawk Fall, and "The Last Samurai."Hans Zimmer's films in 2021 included the 007 film "No Time to Die" and Dunes Dennis Villeneuve (Denis Villeneuve)' s "Dunes", which won him great praise and recognition, including his third Golden Globe Award, his 12th Academy Award, Grammy and Critics' Choice nominations, and multiple awards ceremonies worldwide.


Writing music for "Dunes" was Hans Timmer's lifelong dream.By the time to realize this dream, he has spent several months creating new instruments, defining, creating and finding new sounds and pushing the limits.The soundtrack, mainly with a female voice, lifts the soul of the film and makes people completely immersive.


Hans Zimmer has completed a very successful tour around the world for his "HANS ZIMMER LIVE" concerts and recently completed the new 2022 tour and will continue to prepare for a new round of tour.Today, let's go behind the scenes of "HANS ZIMMER LIVE EUROPE TOUR 2022" and into the world of Hans Zimmer's film music.

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