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Hakka Divine Melody

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The Hakka Divine Melody is a grand opera that has haunted the Hakka family. This large-scale original ecological song and dance drama had set a record for the first cultural and arts group below the prefectural level in the mainland to undertake an entire performance at the National Grand Theatre, and had also been performed in Taiwan four times.

"The first time Hakka Divine Rhythm was performed in Taiwan, many older audience members watched it with tears in their eyes, and others approached us to tell us their feelings: 'What you are performing is what I saw when I came to Taiwan'; others couldn't leave after watching it and came to the stage to touch our props." Lai Yongsheng, the general director of Hakka Divine Rhythm and former chairman of the Federation of Literary Associations of Yongding County in Longyan, recalls this.

The whole evening was lit with the King of Lights in a rich Hakka style, using a combination of original Hakka songs, dance and modern art to imaginatively recreate the arduous journey of the Yongding Hakka Tulou people in their unity and struggle to survive and develop, showing the human history, cultural heritage and simple Tulou folk customs of the Yongding Hakka Tulou in all aspects.

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