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Super Hawk Eye

  • UP-HK2260


main parameter:
1. Input voltage / frequency: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz;
2. Power supply power: 800 * 2;
3. Rated power: 1,400 W;
4. LED light source: OSRAM LED 7 and 1 power, 60W (7 colors: red / green / orchid / amber / lemon green / green / lemon green);
5. Life of light source: about 5000-10000 hours;
6. Lens rotation plate: two-way bipolar rotation;
7. Overtemperature protection: built-in NTC temperature control function, when the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the LED stops working;
8. Optical system: light guide column and high-efficiency light transmission convex lens;
9. Zoom range: single point 4° -60°, the whole lamp 6° -68°;
10. Dimming: linear adjustment, single-point control mode;
11. Color temperature: there is an independent color temperature control rod, color temperature from linear focus;
12. Dimming: linear adjustment of 0-100%;
13. Strobe: 1-25 times / second;
14. Focal adjustment: linearly adjusted by three special screw stepping motors;
15. Working environment temperature: -20℃ -40℃;
16. Channel mode: 5 mode selection, 25,41,157,173DMX standard control mode and 113 KLingNet specified mode control mode;
17. Control mode: DMX, ArtNet, sACN and Klingnet (two-way protocol) and self-go, with multiple built-in Chase effects prestored in the channel;
18. Scanning Angle: horizontal scanning 540 degrees, vertical scanning 220 degrees, scanning speed can be adjusted, automatic error correction;
19. Display screen: use TFT true color display screen, positive and negative display;
20. Signal input and output: international standard DMX512 signal, 3-core, 5-core DMX512 interface and network interface;
21. Light effect: set dyeing, beam, image as one, pattern effect pattern (vortex, kaleidoscope, small waist, greedy snake and other graphics), with 8 and 36 prism beam effect);
22. Color: 7 colors are composed of 7 chips, which can be mixed with countless colors through mixed color combination;
23. Power cord: with quick lock power connector;
24. Protection level: IP20;
25. Net Weight: 31kg;
26. Product size: 470 * 363 * 560mm;
27. Packaging size: 650 * 590 * 460mm;

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